Product Showcase: Eagle Electronics AC Light Dimmer Module


The board can be used in applications where dimming of 110–220V AC power is required, like dimming of bulbs or fans. This module contains a triac triggering coupled with a zero-cross detector mechanism for programming the intensity of incandescent lamps, LED dimmable bulbs, heating elements, or fan speed controlled by a micro-controller. This module is compatible with any MCU, Arduino or Raspberry boards.


  • The working voltage ranges from 110v to 240v.
  • Load AC current ranges from 0.1A to 3A.
  • AC voltages of 50Hz and 60Hz are supported. LINE
    Auto detects 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Power supply for the device: 5V or 3.3V
  • PWM input signal up to 10 kHz.
    Zero-Cross detection (with zero/cross output pin Z-C)
  • LEDs indicate onboard power and output, s
  • When you’re controlling the inductive load, the on-board snubber circuit for triac protection kicks in.
  • The low voltage side and the high voltage side are completely isolated.
  • Dimensions of the PCB: 42.5×1.5×70.5mm
  • Module weight: 23 g.



This circuit is attached to a 110-240 volt supply. Do not build this if you are not confident in what you are doing. Unplug it before coming even close to the PCB. The cooling plate of the triac is attached to the mains. Do not touch it while it is operating. Put it in a proper enclosure or container.


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